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Bone Loading Exercises: Improve Athletic Performance

Bone Health in Athletes

As an athlete, your skeleton works harder than most to support you as you run, jump, pivot, climb, and perform all the actions you need to excel in your sport. Unfortunately, this can put a lot of wear and tear on your bones, making them more susceptible to injury.

OsteoStrong is a unique type of training that helps strengthen your bones, reducing your risk of bone stress injuries so you can focus on gains and not injury. By increasing the density of your bones and making them stronger, OsteoStrong can help you perform at a higher level and reduce the chances of injury, keeping you on the field or court longer.

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Exercise for Joints & Bones Without Risks of Injury

Low Impact Bone-Strengthening Benefits for Athletes

OsteoStrong technology has been shown to increase bone density, but why is this important for athletes? This means lower risk of injury. OsteoStrong also delivers powerful neuromuscular adaptations. The real-time biofeedback trains your brain to recruit more muscle tissue. This has led to increased power and performance in world-class runners, cyclists and swimmers.


How can I get started with OsteoStrong?


Frequently-Asked Questions

Why is low-impact exercise for bone strength ideal for athletes?

Low-impact exercise, such as the OsteoStrong training system, is ideal for athletes because it helps strengthen their bones without putting excessive strain or stress on them. This is important because it helps reduce the risk of injury and allows athletes to perform at a higher level without worrying about breaking a bone or sustaining other types of injuries.

Should I work out prior to an OsteoStrong session?

While fitness is important to a healthy lifestyle, we actually recommend that you do not exercise for at least 3 hours before a session. In fact, if you stick to this advice, your results will be more noticeable more quickly.

How long does it take to build bone density with OsteoStrong?

With OsteoStrong, sessions aren’t just quick – they’re also fun! Your results will be measurable, and you’ll notice the difference in a short amount of time. With just 15 minutes of bone building exercises for osteoporosis per week, you can increase strength and bone density, improve posture, balance and athletic performance. 

How can I get started with OsteoStrong Pittsburgh?

Your OsteoStrong journey will begin with a complimentary phone consultation. Your friendly coach will make sure they understand your goals, answer any questions, and schedule a time for your visit. 

When you visit our Pittsburgh facility, we’ll give you a tour, review your goals, and set up your personalized program to start tracking your progress. 

Once we establish a convenient day and time for your recurring session, you’ll be ready to start building a more resilient body for just ten minutes every week. Watch your inbox for your customized report each week and enjoy watching your bones get stronger in real time!