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Improve Your Bone Health & Build Your Body’s Foundation

What is OsteoStrong?

Why is bone health important to your overall wellbeing? 

Think about it – your bones are what give your body shape and support. They protect your vital organs, allow you to move, and give your blood cells a place to live. So it's no surprise that strong, healthy bones are essential to maintaining a high quality of life as you age. 

Luckily, there's a simple way to help ensure strong, healthy bones: through OsteoStrong bone density strength training. Unlike typical weight-bearing exercise machines that only work certain muscle groups, OsteoStrong's unique technology targets all of the bones in your body – not just your legs or arms -- for a complete bone-strengthening workout. 

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OsteoStrong is engineered to safely provide exercise for the entire musculoskeletal system without the use of unnecessary pharmaceuticals, and because it's low-impact and suitable for all ages and fitness levels. 

As a locally-owned franchise, our Pittsburgh locations provide one-on-one coaching to each and every member. Our clients have not only reversed osteoporosis, but have also experienced relief from back and knee pain, arthritis and sports injuries. Whether you’re an athlete, an older adult, or just someone who is interested in improving strength, performance, balance, and vitality for their entire body, OsteoStrong is for you.

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Bone Strengthening Exercises for Seniors, Athletes & More

Our Four-Device Circuit: Low-Impact Exercise for Bone Strength

OstreoStrong’s osteogenic loading technique revolves around a circuit featuring four specialized exercise machines. This four-device circuit takes only minutes once per week to complete. Under the direction of a skilled technician, you’ll engage in a safe controlled movement on each device that results in a stimulus to the central nervous system triggering osteogenesis or new bone growth.

Each device provides instant biofeedback to help you track your progress. This data will be sent to you at the end of each session, so you can see your results in real time.

Upper Growth Trigger

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Lower Growth Trigger

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Core Growth Trigger

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Postural Growth Trigger

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Frequently-Asked Questions

What groups of people can benefit from bone density exercises with OsteoStrong?

OsteoStrong bone strengthening exercises are for everyone. Adults of all ages are OsteoStrong members, including athletes and older adults who have the goal of improving osteoporosis symptoms.

Who invented OsteoStrong?

The technology behind OsteoStrong was invented by the Father of Osteogenic Loading, Dr. John Jaquish, Ph.D. Dr. Jaquish is the Chief Science Advisor for OsteoStrong and author of Osteogenic Loading. Dr. Jaquish has been a frequent speaker at the World Congress on Osteoporosis and is on the board of American Bone Health. His contributions to the OsteoStrong brand have been invaluable in bringing this technology to the world.

How long does it take to build bone density with OsteoStrong?

With OsteoStrong, sessions aren’t just quick – they’re also fun! Your results will be measurable, and you’ll notice the difference in a short amount of time. With just 15 minutes of bone building exercises for osteoporosis per week, you can increase strength and bone density, improve posture, balance and athletic performance. 

How do I get started at OsteoStrong Pittsburgh?

Your OsteoStrong journey will begin with a complimentary phone consultation. Your friendly coach will make sure they understand your goals, answer any questions, and schedule a time for your visit. 

When you visit our Pittsburgh facility, we’ll give you a tour, review your goals, and set up your personalized program to start tracking your progress. 

Once we establish a convenient day and time for your recurring session, you’ll be ready to start building a more resilient body for just ten minutes every week. Watch your inbox for your customized report each week and enjoy watching your bones get stronger in real time!